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All automotive windscreens are laminated. The two layers of glass are permanently bonded together by a plastic membrane. If something hits a laminated windscreen, like a flying stone, the glass will not shatter. This is because the damaged area sticks to the plastic membrane - and this is why the stone chip in the windscreen can be repaired. The total time consumption of a complete windscreen repair process is only approximately 15 minutes or lower.


Headlight Repair
& Restoration.

Our unique headlight repair restores the clarity to headlight lenses gone dull over time at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Many vehicles on the road today have yellowed and cloudy headlights due to UV light damage as well as wear and tear from weather and road debris. The results is not only poor vehicle appearance and reduced reselling value but it also compromises safety.


Alloy Wheel

Our Alloy Wheel Repair System effectively repairs kerbed, scratched or corroded alloy wheels at a very low cost. We have original factory matched colours including all leading manufacturers such as Ford , VW/AUDI, Mercedes, Honda, Porsche etc.


Fabric and
Velour Repair.

Our professional all-in-one system allows us to repair damages in fabric and velour seats, trim or upholstery. Strong, permanent and virtually invisible repairs!.



Our Spot repair system allows us to touch-up and spot repair paint chips and scratches using several different application methods depending upon the type of damage.With our innovative Colour Match Software we are able to match any colour ensuring a perfect repair.


Bumper / Exterior
Plastic Repair.

With our Plastic Welding Capabilities it is possible to repair hard and flexible plastic, both interior and exterior parts, bumpers, as well as all other plastic components, Saving massive costs in replacing the damaged area.



OUr Ozone Odour removal repair combats odour nuisances in a cars, caravans and rooms. Utilizing the patented UV-C & OZONE Technology we are now able to permanently eliminate and remove any unpleasant odours - without the use of chemicals. The odour does not return, unless the pollutant is still present. Elimination of mould fungis up to 99,9%

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